Lonsdor JLR IMMO Key Programmer by OBD Add KVM and BCM Update Online,Auto Key Programmer

Lonsdor JLR IMMO Key Programmer by OBD Add KVM and BCM Update Online

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Lonsdor JLR IMMO Key Programmer by OBD Add KVM and BCM Update Online

Top 4 Reasons to Get Lonsdor JLR IMMO:

1. Program car keys for above 95% of Jaguar and Land Rover models.

2. Can support key programer by OBD for newest Jaguar and Land Rover after year 2016, part of Land Rover can support to year 2018

3. Support more than 50 software versions for KVM, most of KVM no need soldering, can be programmed via OBD directly

4. Free Update Online.

To update the device software, enter the site: http://u.lonsdor.com to download update tool kit. Then according to instructions in the tool kit to update JLR_IMMO device program.

Lonsdor JLR-IMMO Supported Vehicle List:

1. LandRover 2008-: Immobilizer and smart key

2. LandRover Discovery3: Immobilizer 

3. LandRover Freelander: Immobilizer and smart key

4. LandRover Freelander2: Immobilizer and smart key

5. LandRover Discovery4: smart key

6. LandRover Evoque: smart key

7. LandRover Defender: remote

8. LandRover new models  KVM case’s software version: FK72

9. LandRover new models  KVM case’s software version: HPLA

10. Jaguar XF: smart key

11. Jaguar SJ: smart key

12. Jaguar F-TYPE: smart key

13. Jaguar X-TYPE: Immobilizer

14. Jaguar Soverign: Immobilizer

15. Jaguar XJ6: Immobilizer

16. Jaguar XJ8: Immobilizer

17. Jaguar XJR: Immobilizer

18. Jaguar XK: remote

19. Jaguar XKR: remote

20. Jaguar new models  KVM case’s software version: FK72

21. Jaguar new models  KVM case’s software version: HPLA

Lonsdor JLR IMMO add KVM and BCM.


KVM : FK72-14C104-BF

BCM : BJ32-14C184-AC

KVM : DPLA-14c104-CA (without reflash, working directly without degrade or upgrade)


DPLA-14C104-C NEW 

FK72-14C104-BA NEW 

FK72-14C104-BB NEW 

FK72-14C104-BC NEW 

FK72-14C104-BD NEW 

FK72-14C104-BE NEW 

FK72-14C104-BF NEW 

BH42-14C184-AA NEW 





BJ32-14C184-AC NEW






LONSDOR JLR IMMO Registration and Activation:


(1) Please enter the site: http://u.lonsdor.com/jlrimmo/login

① Login

Users with an account of a Lonsdor tool: input account, password and verification code to login.

Users without  a Lonsdor account: click on [Register] and follow prompt messages to complete registration, then log in.

② Device bound to an account

After login success, check system prompts when device boots. Input the device No. & registration code as per prompts, and set up a password for the device. Click on [Submit] to bind to the device.

(2) After bind device successfully, enter the site: http://u.lonsdor.com

① Click on the JLR-IMMO button, click on [Get activation code], confirm that device No. shown on the webpage is consistent with actual device No. Click on [Submit] to get activation code.

② Input device No. on webpage to the device to activate it.

Package includes:



1pc x USB cable

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